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Daily Wellness Bundle
Daily Wellness Bundle

Daily Wellness Bundle

Support your body's response to everyday stressors.*
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  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Proactive Health Approach
  • Practitioner Formulated
  • Impeccable Quality Standards
Environmental Support
Foundational Support
Gastrointestinal Support
Immune Support
Organ Detox Support
Neurological Support
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa - Packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, is a certified organic superfood that supports daily detox and vitality.*

- Certified Organic natural detoxifier
- Cracked cell wall for superior digestibility and absorbability*
- Supports blood sugar balance and energy levels*

High Allicin Garlic - A go-to wellness solution for immune support and a powerful ally for balanced digestion and heart function.*

- Supports microbiome diversity*
- Supports normalized cholesterol levels*
- Air-dried for optimal bioavailability*

Lipo-C – Designed for daily use and as a powerful immune booster, Lipo-C delivers 1000 mg of Vitamin C per serving.

Liposomal delivery enhances absorption in the mouth and bypasses constraints imposed by the gut*

- Contains a buffered form of Vitamin C that is easy on your stomach*
- Essential cofactor for robust immune function*

Propolis Throat Spray – Our fact-acting spray relieves throat irritation and discomfort.*

- Contains soothing herbs and Brazilian Green Propolis
- Starts acting immediately*
- Supports immune system function and the oral microbiome*
1- Chlorella Pyrenoidosa – 400 Tablets
1- High Allicin Garlic – 60 Vegetarian Capsules
1- Lipo-C – 4 fl. oz.
1- Propolis Throat Spray – 1 fl. oz.

Please refer to your bottle for serving size, suggested use, ingredients, other ingredients, and date of manufacture.