Healthcare Professional Wholesale Program

Are you looking to partner with a company that offers innovative wellness solutions for your patients and clients? Discover our comprehensive Healthcare Professional Wholesale Program that provides practitioners with tools and resources designed to incorporate BioPure® dietary supplements effortlessly into their practices.

Benefits of
our wholesale program

  • Schedule a consultation with a BioPure® Product Specialist.
  • Free shipping on orders over $499.
  • Access to product training and downloadable resources.
  • Drop-ship directly to your patients or clients at no additional charge

Benefits of
drop shipments

  • Encourages your patients to continue their health protocols
  • Eliminates the expense of carrying in-office inventory
  • Maintains your revenue channels
  • Keeps patients connected to your practice

Innovative Products You Can Trust

At BioPure®, we embrace a proactive approach to health and offer a comprehensiveselection of products that integrate science and nature – this powerful unionresults in potent dietary supplements that deliver results.