Resetting Circadian Rhythms

Normalizing circadian rhythms is important to promote pathways in the body to restore, detoxify, and replenish. In the evening, it is important to set a night-time routine that creates a sleep sanctuary to provide you with deep, restorative sleep to re-establish a stable foundation for your circadian rhythms. 

When the body can reach the deeper levels of sleep, delta and theta waves, the nervous system then signals the body to begin detox pathways to flush the body’s organs with fluids to move cellular waste naturally. When the body reaches delta wave sleep, cerebral spinal fluid is released to move up the spine and into the brain to wash out toxins and cellular debris through the brain’s lymphatic system, which is called the glymphatic system. This waste is then processed through the liver and eliminated through the kidney and colon. 

This dynamic process is dependent on the circadian rhythms, which balances the sleep-wake cycle of our bodies. BioPure has developed products to support and balance circadian rhythms. 

  • Liposomal Melatonin supports sleep in two dynamic ways. When taken in the evening, around 1½ hours to 30 minutes before bed, it can support melatonin pathways that release serotonin and signal the body to sleep. It is also designed to be absorbed into the brain quickly and acts as a potent detoxification molecule. This action supports the cerebral spinal flush and helps the brain release more toxins to be eliminated out of the body.* 
  • Any time you are stimulating detoxification pathways, you want to include a binder. PC Ecklonia Cava not only binds toxins released during sleep, but it is a GABA-A receptor antagonist and stimulates nervous system relaxation and increases sleep duration.* 
  • As the toxins are released and cleared out of the brain, the lymphatic system can become stagnant or clogged and hinder the brain’s ability to detoxify. To enhance the process of drainage in the neck lymph nodes, BioPure offers Night-Time Deodorant, which is a topical salve that is applied before bed and assists in the drainage of the cerebral spinal fluid as it moves out through the brain, down the neck, and into the lymph system of the body.* 


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