Night-Time Deodorant



Promote lymphatic circulation and support normalized detoxification through the skin.*


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Night-Time Deodorant  

 An innovative blend of organic and all-natural botanical ingredients formulated to enhance lymphatic circulation and support normalized detoxification through the skin.* 

 Night-Time Deodorant is a proprietary blend of rich emollients and herbal extracts formulated for application to the underarm area before bedtime. This highly effective wellness formula delivers a gentle yet powerful combination of nourishing ingredients directly to the skin that encourages the body’s natural detoxification processes. The unique, topical delivery system supports skin and lymphatic health, and the potent herbal and marine botanicals promote the normalized removal of cellular debris, metabolic waste, and environmental toxins from the body.* 


  • Organic and all-natural ingredients* 
  • Proprietary blend of rich emollients and herbal extracts*  
  • Supports skin and lymphatic health*  
  • Promotes normalized detoxification through the skin*