Liposomal Vitamin C


BioPure® Lipo-C supports mood, immunity, tissue health, enzyme function, and overall wellness.* 


Vitamin C is an essential cofactor for optimal health that supports mood, tissue health, and enzyme function. It is a critical nutrient for your immune system that supports a normalized response to oxidative stress.* BioPure® Lipo-C contains buffered Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) and nanonized, liposomal phosphatidylcholine (PC) — a primary lipid component of cell membranesOral supplementation of PC supports cell membrane stability and function. Partnering this vital phospholipid complex delivery system with Vitamin C supports optimal absorption and bioavailability. * 

BioPure® Lipo-C is a versatile formula designed for daily use or as a powerful immune boost, as needed.*  The buffered form of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) combined with a proprietary liposomal delivery system decreases issues of bowel intolerance and bypasses absorption constraints imposed by the gut.* 
Each 5 ml serving of Lipo-C delivers 1000 mg of Vitamin C. 



What is Phosphatidylcholine? 

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a key component of cell membranes and plays a vital role in repairing and restoring membrane structure and function. Our cells recognize supplemental PC as a cell membrane building block and quickly assimilate it, promoting optimal absorption, nutrient transport, and whole-body well-being.* 

  • Liposomal delivery enhances bioavailability* 
  • Supports immune health and detoxification pathways* 
  • Maintains established enzyme function and a normalized response to oxidative stress*  
  • Supports mood, collagen, and connective tissue production* 
  • Absorption starts immediately in the mouth* 



  • Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) is an essential nutrient involved in many metabolic processes, including enzyme function and response to oxidative stress. It is a vital cofactor for optimal health that supports mood, tissue, and immune health.* 
  • Phospholipids (Sunflower Seed Lecithinsupport cell membrane stability and nutrient bioavailability.*