Bravo Easy Kit – 4 week supply

Also available in 1-week and 13-week supply.


Probiotics in a self-prepared yogurt to support digestive & immune processes


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Bravo Easy Kit

As early as 400 BC, Hippocrates believed in the importance of a well-functioning intestinal system when he said that “death sits in the bowels” and “bad digestion is the root of all evil”. Today we know that a proper balance of microbiota in the gut is essential to human health and that probiotics play important roles not only in the intestinal tract, but throughout the human body. Research estimates the number of structural cells making up the human body are vastly outnumbered by the microbes (especially intestinal) residing within us, by a factor as large as ten. In just the decade between 2000-2010, over 5000 studies were published investigating the various species and functions of the bacteria we harbor, both good and bad. The Bravo Easy Kit has been developed to supplement, recharge, and boost the friendly microbes that benefit our health.*