Red Root Herbal Extract

BioPure Red Root

BioPure® Red Root is a potent botanical extract of Ceanothus americanusSupports immune and cardiovascular function, lymphatic drainage, and circulation.* 


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The lymphatic system plays a vital role in maintaining optimal immune function, and the rich collection of polyphenolic constituents in BioPure® Red Root provides potent immune, cardiovascular, and lymphatic system support.* Ceanothus americanus, or Red Rootis renowned as a powerful ally for overall well-being and helps move metabolic debris collected by the lymphatic system out through detoxification pathways.* 

  • Potent herbal extract that supports lymphatic drainage and circulation*  
  • Provides natural diuretic support*  
  • Supports immune and cardiovascular function* 
  • Ceanothus americanus is an astringent herb that supports the body’s ability to disperse lymphatic congestion and supports immune and cardiovascular system function.*