PC Ecklonia Cava

BioPure PC Ecklonia Cava

BioPure® PC-Ecklonia Cava is an encapsulated powdered extract of the brown algae, Ecklonia cava.  Supports neurological function, circulation, and a normalized response to oxidative.



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PC-Ecklonia Cava contains powerful polyphenol compounds, including phlorotanninsflavonoids, fucoidaneckol, and dieckoland trace minerals. Ecklonia cavis a bioavailable source of iodine and 71 different trace minerals that support neurological function, circulation, and a normalized response to oxidative stress.*   

  • Supports neurological function and circulation* 
  • Promotes a normalized response to oxidative stress* 
  • Helps maintain overall well-being* 
  • Ecklonia cava is a brown alga found in the ocean off the coast of China, Korea, and Japan and is rich in polyphenol and phlorotannin contentThis beneficial marine plant provides a multitude of supportive benefits for overall well-being.*