Gamma O3 Oil – 50ml

Gamma 03 Oil

Ozonated Olive & Castor Oils + Clove, Artemesia & Walnut oils for immune support

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BioPure O3 Oils ® Gamma is an innovative source of Ozonated Organic Castor and Olive Oils, Walnut Oil, Artemisia, and Clove Essential Oils that support the dental and gastrointestinal microbiomes, immunomodulation, and overall gastrointestinal function.* 

BioPure O3 Oils® combine the power of ozone (O3) with organic oils to create a revolutionary delivery system for botanical and nutraceutical ingredients. Each versatile formula supports a diverse collection of health needs and provides a multitude of wellness benefits.* 

Gamma is a potent combination of organic and natural ingredients formulated to support the body’s defense system.* It contains Artemisia and Clove Essential Oils that provide powerful, broad-spectrum microbial balance support, and Organic Ozonated Olive and Castor Oil. The process of combining organic oils with Ozone (O3) results in a unique nutraceutical supplement that supports the oral and gastrointestinal microbiomes, overall gastrointestinal function, immunomodulation, and a normalized response to oxidative stress.*  

  • Utilizes the power of Ozone (O3)  
  • Formulated with organic and all-natural ingredients  
  • Supports immune system function and the body’s defense system* 
  • Supports dental health, normalized gastrointestinal function, and microbial balance*  


Ozonated Organic Olive Oil (Olea europaea) and Ozonated Organic Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) provide powerful support for the gastrointestinal tract and immune systems.* 

Walnut oil (Juglans regia) promotes the targeted delivery of potent botanical ingredients.* 

Artemisia Essential Oil (Artemisia absinthium) provides broad-spectrum microbial balance support.* 

Clove Essential Oil (Eugenia caryophyllata) potent source of eugenol, which supports the microbial balance.* 

BioPure 03 Oils® are packaged in glass containers and do not contact plastics or metals to prevent leeching of unwanted chemicals or byproducts.