BioPure CockTail 2oz

Reformulated as of 8-26-18

Liposomal Herbal Blend combines 12 BioPure products for microbiome support


BioPure’s CockTail® is a blend of several different herbal extracts which provide broad spectrum immune system support. With this reformulation we have removed Stephania tetrandra from the formula and increased the amount of Astragalus membranaceus. Astragalus strengthens immunity, and is a superior tonic for the liver, kidneys and spleen.

BioPure Cocktail®  herbal blend is a compilation of several of the most commonly used products in Dr. Klinghardt’s evolving Lyme Cocktail. It is a proprietary blend of BioPure’s LipoSorb® , Quintessence® , Artemis, Brazilian Green Propolis, Cistus Incanus, Stevia  Cilantro and Astragalus.

**Quintessence® consists of: Andrographis, Smilax, Japanese Knotweed, and Red Root. 
It also contains Astragalus, however we do not offer this separately.

BioPure’s Cocktail® is a unique blend of seven of our products, combined to give the immune system a powerful boost. We have included LipoSorb® , BioPure’s proprietary form of the important lipid phosphatidylcholine, sourced from purified soy lecithin and encapsulated in an easily absorbable, hydrophyilic vesicle. Phosphatidylcholine is abundant throughout the human body, serving critical roles as both a structural and functional component of cell membranes. It is involved in cell membrane transport, detoxification, healthy cholesterol metabolism, proper nervous system function, fetal development, immune system response, and more. For more detailed information and references regarding LipoSorb® , please see