Brazilian Green Propolis

Contains a broad spectrum of immune-boosting phenolic compounds, including Artepillin-C.

BioPure Propolis

BioPure® Brazilian Green Propolis is a potent source of Artepillin-C and other immune-supportive phenolic compounds. Supports respiratory, gastrointestinal, and immune function.* 


The green propolis used in BioPure® Brazilian Green Propolis is collected from honeybees found in Brazil’s southeastern regions. This potent extract provides a powerful immune boost and supports balanced cytokine and histamine levels. It contains a broad spectrum of immune-boosting phenolic compounds, including Artepillin-C, that support oral and respiratory health and a normalized response to microbial imbalance and electromagnetic radiation exposure.* 

  • Contains Artepillin-C, a powerful phenolic compound that supports immune function* 
  • Addresses the effects of microbial imbalance and electromagnetic radiation exposure* 
  • Supports oral, respiratory, and gastrointestinal system function and normalized response to oxidative stress* 

Brazilian Green Propolis contains a diverse collection of beneficial constituents, some of which are only found in this unique extract. This potent nutraceutical supports immune function and overall wellness.*