BioKind Essential O3 Ozonated Tooth and Gum Paste


Essential O3 Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution, Essential O3 Ozonated Deodorant, O3. Hemp Seed Oil, O3 Olive Oil


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BioKind® Essential O3 Ozonated Tooth & Gum Paste is formulated with Organic Olive and Hemp Oils and Activated Ozone (O3).  This rich, soothing salve supports tooth and gum wellness and provides a natural solution for dental issues.* Flavored with Natural Cherry and Stevia.



BioKind® Essential O3 Ozonated Tooth & Gum Paste combines Organic Olive and Hemp Oils with Activated Oxygen (O3). This unique activation process produces  an emollient oxygen-rich salve with unlimited dental uses. Formulated with Organic Stevia, this multi-functional paste may be applied to gums or between teeth to help prevent plaque formation and soothe dental irritations as needed.*

  • Supports oral wellness*
  • Oxygen-rich soothing paste with unlimited dental uses*
  • Made from Organic Olive and Hemp oils and Activated Oxygen (O3)
  • Helps soothe tooth and gum irritations*
  • May help prevent plaque formation*
  • Flavored with natural and organic ingredients*