BioKind Essential O3 Ozonated Deodorant

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BioKind® Essential O3 Ozonated Oil Deodorant contains Organic Ozonated Jojoba, Organic Ozonated Coconut Oils, and other natural ingredients that provide a natural deodorizing barrier for odor-causing microbes.*

BioKind® Essential O3 Ozonated Deodorant is an unscented, roll-on formula that eliminates odors without unwanted scents or perfumes—formulated with Ozonated Organic Jojoba and Coconut Oil for protection from unwanted body odor produced by odor-causing microbes. Free from aluminum and baking soda, making it an excellent natural deodorant option for individuals with sensitive skin.*  

  • Unscented 
  • Aluminum-Free and Baking Soda-Free* 
  • Made with Organic Ozonated Jojoba and Coconut Oils* Provides a natural deodorizing barrier for odor-causing microbes*  
  • Formulated for sensitive skin*