Our Team

BioPure believes in an integrative health care approach coupled with an individual treatment plan that embraces the therapeutic use of health food supplementation. We provide a global market with nutritional supplements made from only the freshest, purest ingredients and produced using safe, food-grade sustainable business practices that protect our Health Care Practitioners, their patients and the environment. Our team is committed to always doing what is best for our doctors, their patients, our community, our environment and our planet.

Founder and Owner

Johanna Dean

Johanna has worked in the field of integrative medicine for 25 years. She founded BioPure in 2001, based on her recognition of the medical practitioner’s need for natural products and her deeply held belief that the consumer deserves better when it comes to the quality of personal healthcare products and individualized, proactive supplementation.

Johanna’s vision is to attain the highest level of purity in BioPure’s raw ingredients and to ensure safe, ethical and responsible extraction and manufacturing processes, continuous product testing, and environmentally friendly bottling and packaging materials. She also believes the consumer rightfully deserves transparency when it comes to ingredients. Under her leadership, BioPure maintains a tight relationship with an affiliated Medical Advisory Board that assists in the ongoing development of programs for research, design and testing of BioPure’s products.

Outside of overseeing the management of BioPure Healing Products, Johanna pursues interests in the professional practice and teaching of both Biographical Life Counseling and Art Therapy.

Chief Executive Officer

Brandy Floyd

Brandy has been with BioPure since the company began operating out of a small office in 2008. She continues to meet the needs of the growing business, complete with new offices, additional employees, and a professionally managed, functional warehouse. Her approach is hands-on with direct involvement across all business functions and levels. Brandy believes it is vital for BioPure employees to have a supportive, fun and healthy working environment, which affords them the opportunity to transfer their energy into creating quality products and a positive experience for customers.

Brandy loves the outdoors—particularly in the winter months when she competes as a professional snowmobiler. Her enthusiasm for nature gives her the mindset, strength and freshness she needs to meet the demands of an ever-evolving product line and market.

Product Specialist

Michayla Conrad

Michayla joined our team as a Product Specialist, focusing on assuring BioPure’s high standards of product quality and purity. With a degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University, near Seattle, Washington, and deep interests in biodiverse agriculture, plant medicine, and integrative healthcare, she is well equipped to carefully evaluate the sourcing, potency, purity, and bioavailability of our many raw ingredients. Michayla broadens BioPure’s core values in providing high quality nutraceuticals, works with our growers to assess their agricultural practices and quality standards, and addresses customer needs and inquiries.

When Michayla is not working, she is outdoors harvesting indigenous flora, crafting her own herbal medicines, painting, or reading.

Customer Service Manager

Cheri Hartman

Cheri joined BioPure in 2013, bringing years of customer service experience with her. Cheri treats each customer as an individual, meeting their own spectrum of needs with empathy and support. Her fun-loving, down-to-earth personality combined with her clarity, honesty, inner strength and perseverance, help her create a trusted, personal relationship with every customer.

Cheri enjoys spending spare time with her husband and their four children.


Jamie Morgan

Warehouse Manager

Mark Smith

Product Support | Herbalist

Michele Milligan