Encouraging a Proactive Approach

Addressing the underlying causes of illness and achieving optimum physical, psychological and spiritual well-being require an informed partnership between Health Care Practitioner and patient. To that end, we adopt an integrative, proactive approach for optimal health wherein our Health Care Practitioners collaborate with you to develop nutritional supplements and search out the most current educational resources to help you make informed decisions. We encourage you to refer to these when you have questions on products and want to learn more about their potential health benefits.

Our customers can expect excellent personal service from the staff at BioPure. We will listen to your needs and reply quickly to phone and email inquiries. BioPure is not a medical facility and we cannot give medical advice of any kind. Our Herbalist and Product support team member Michele Milligan and our Product Specialist Michayla Conrad are available for more in-depth product questions and can be contacted on info@biopureus.com.


Video Content

BioPure’s Medical Director, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., goes into more detail on BioPure’s product, focusing on the environmental burden each and every one of us are routinely exposed to on a daily basis.

“We are dealing with a tremendous amount of environmental toxicity. Not only heavy metal contaminants, insecticides, pesticides, petro-chemical pollutants but also mold neurotoxins, pathogenic mircrobes, parasites, viruses, fungi, and radioactive metals such as aluminum and boron pollutants.”
The linked YouTube video further outlines our vulnerabilities and explores an effective method, with the help of health food nutritionals, to mobilize environmental contaminants, bind those contaminants and effectively reduce their health inhibiting effects.

Link to YouTube Video

Dr. Klinghardt overviews the use of BioPure products in mobilizing environmental contaminants Chloralyte, Cilantro, and Metal Sweep, binding to them Chlorella, Growth Factor, Vulgaris and ZeoBind and shares insights into the synergistic use of other BioPure products CurcuSyn, Garlic, MicroSilver, Hyluronic Acid, Key Five, Vital Four, The DEO, MicroSilica, MicroMinerals, Bentonite Clay and Rosehip, Deep Purple, Cistus, Core, Sockeye Salmon, Astaxanthin, Electrolyte), BioPure’s proprietary suppositories (Ozonated Oils, Artemisinin), and BioPure’s Lipo range (LipoSorb, Czaga, Neem, Mucuna, Mimosa and Ecklonia Cava).

Disclaimer for Video:
* The information in this video is for educational purposes. Use of BioPure products as described in this video should be done under the care and with the advice of a qualified, licensed Health Care Practitioner. BioPure does not endorse the contents of this video as a representation that its products will cure, treat, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any illness or disease.