Dr. Klinghardt’s Essential Trio

Get to the root causes of your symptoms with Dr. Klinghardt’s essential trio of BioPure products.

Some microbes hide deep in the connective tissue of the body and evade the immune system. Dr. Klinghardt uses Hyaluronic Acid to lure these microbes out of connective tissues and into the bloodstream, where they are addressed by the body’s natural defense mechanisms and BioPure CockTail.* 

  • Pro Tip: Be sure to boost your immune system, take binders, and include microbial support before incorporating Hyaluronic Acid into your supplement regimen. 

Our wildcrafted Cistus incanus tea is an essential tool for dealing with complex, broad-spectrum imbalances. Cistus addresses biofilm produced by imbalanced microbes, improving the efficacy of the additional components of your wellness program.* Dr. Klinghardt formulated BioPure CockTail to address the imbalanced microbes that become accessible after Cistus addresses biofilm to provide robust immune system support for the body’s natural defenses.* 

It’s essential to make sure that your body is prepared to handle the influx of harmful microbes, toxins, and other invaders released into the bloodstream during this process. If you do too much, too fast, your body can become overwhelmed and set you back further in your health journey. To ensure that you’re ready for Dr. Klinghardt’s trio, incorporate detox organ support, binders, and immune system support. 

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