Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do certain BioPure® nutritional supplements lack an expiration date? 

A: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require an expiration date on dietary supplements, however, the FDA requires that if one is used, it must be supported by stability testing data. These regulations are evolving, and the FDA has not provided definitive guidelines for what is considered to be adequate data. We currently do not perform stability testing on our products and will proceed with labeling products with the date of manufacture in order to comply with this provision of the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  

Q: Does this change effect the quality of BioPure® dietary supplements? 

A: No. BioPure® dietary supplements are formulated with the same high-quality, potent ingredients. No changes have been made to the formulations.  

Q: How long will BioPure® products maintain their potency after the date of manufacture? 

A: Dietary supplements are considered shelf-stable or non-perishable products. Maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and proper storage in accordance with label recommendations reduces the potential for decreased potency and quality concerns. BioPure® products are considered stable at full potency for 2 years after the date of manufacture.  


Q: I don’t live in California, but I received a product that has a Prop 65 warning. How does this affect me? 

A: Great question. BioPure® shares this information on its product labels to maintain our standard of authenticity and transparency to all customers, not just customers that live in California.  Please read more here Understanding Prop 65