Detoxification-Weekly Update 06/25/21

Detoxification is fundamental for vibrant health in our present-day environment and requires a strategic approach to ensure that it propels you forward instead of setting you further back on your path to optimal health. For the most efficient results with any detoxification strategy, we suggest working with a qualified Health Care Practitioner.

The first step in any detoxification strategy is binding the toxins that can overwhelm your body’s natural detoxification processes. BioPure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets serve as the first line of defense for binding toxins in the gastrointestinal system.* Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is also a nutrient-dense superfood, making it an excellent binder for daily use over long periods that will not strip your body of beneficial minerals. 

Next, support lymphatic circulation to ensure that your body’s filtration system is prepared to eliminate the influx of stored and circulating toxins. BioPure Liposomal Calendula and BioKind Night-Time Deodorant are two options that support lymphatic flow and nourish your body’s natural detox pathways.  

A deeper level of detoxification can be approached after using a binder and supporting lymphatic drainage for a length of time that will differ depending on your individual health picture. At this point, you can introduce “mobilizers,” or products that help move heavy metals and other toxins from their binding sites and into the extracellular matrix for excretion. BioPure Cilantro and PhytoSpring work synergistically in this mobilization process, which is most efficient after all detox pathways are supported.

It is essential not to overlook the importance of minerals and electrolytes and support kidney function throughout the detoxification process. BioPure Matrix Electrolyte is formulated to closely match the natural mineral and salt balance found in the extracellular matrix of our cells, support healthy kidney functioning, and enhance detoxification. Minerals are essential to various functions of the body but compete with heavy metals for binding sites. As toxins are mobilized, the binding sites that were previously blocked by heavy metals become vacant and can accept the minerals that were displaced. Supplementing with Micro Minerals helps re-establish and optimize mineral storage in the body. 

Detoxification is highly individualized and won’t look the same for everyone. Please consult with an appropriate professional for specific advice related to your situation. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for the medical advice of a Health Care Practitioner. You should not rely on information received via this website for medical decisions.