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Investing in Your Cells

Each cell in your body is surrounded by a semi-permeable cell membrane that protects the cell from its environment and regulates the transport of nutrients and other substances into and out of the cell. This membrane is composed of proteins, cholesterol, and phospholipids and is essential for maintaining optimal cellular performance and health. If the… Read more »

Resetting Circadian Rhythms

Normalizing circadian rhythms is important to promote pathways in the body to restore, detoxify, and replenish. In the evening, it is important to set a night-time routine that creates a sleep sanctuary to provide you with deep, restorative sleep to re-establish a stable foundation for your circadian rhythms.  When the body can reach the deeper levels of sleep, delta and theta waves, the nervous system… Read more »

Product Spotlight: EN-V

Discover EN-V: Dr. Klinghardt’s proprietary liposomal wellness formula  EN-V is a potent liposomal formula created by Dr. Klinghardt that provides a multitude of wellness benefits, including broad-spectrum support for the body’s innate immune system and liver function.* Dr. Klinghardt frequently combines EN-V with CockTail and Vital-9 to support balanced cytokine and histamine levels and the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Innovative ingredients: … Read more »

Dr. Klinghardt’s Essential Trio

Get to the root causes of your symptoms with Dr. Klinghardt’s essential trio of BioPure products. Some microbes hide deep in the connective tissue of the body and evade the immune system. Dr. Klinghardt uses Hyaluronic Acid to lure these microbes out of connective tissues and into the bloodstream, where they are addressed by the body’s natural defense mechanisms and BioPure… Read more »

Vital-9: Immune and Respiratory Support

Supporting your body’s natural defense mechanisms is a critical first step for maintaining optimal wellness and vitality.  BioPure offers a tincture of 9 ingredients, appropriately named Vital-9, which helps support a normalized immune response for cells in our respiratory system, encouraging strong lungs and adaptive immunity.  Vital-9 Ingredients:  Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata), a traditional plant from the Chinese… Read more »

Building Immune Resiliency – Weekly Update 07/23/21

Building Immune Resiliency The body’s immune response is an intricate process that relies on countless systems working in synergy to ensure resiliency against imbalanced microbes. Your immune system’s daily exposure to environmental stressors, toxins, and a myriad of other influences can potentially weaken the immune response, making supportive supplements indispensable for maintaining health.  Viressence is a Dr. Klinghardt formulated tincture containing nine herbs that synergistically support immune and circulatory health. Good circulation… Read more »

Immune Support Update 07/16/21

With life starting to return to normal, your immune system must be ready for anything. Here are a few products that provide powerful immune support to help you maintain your wellness goals and vitality. Livessence The liver is an essential organ that performs various crucial functions, including regulating immune system homeostasis and addressing imbalanced microbes…. Read more »

Aluminum Detoxification

We are exposed to aluminum daily through our food, water, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and even the air we breathe. This issue makes aluminum detox strategies essential.  Alu-Tox is formulated to support the detoxification organs and pathways that promote heavy metal, specifically aluminum, elimination.* Alu-Tox also helps balance immune responses and nourish organs of elimination for a healthier detoxification journey.  Alu-Tox Ingredients:  Elecampane (Inula… Read more »

Detoxification-Weekly Update 06/25/21

Detoxification is fundamental for vibrant health in our present-day environment and requires a strategic approach to ensure that it propels you forward instead of setting you further back on your path to optimal health. For the most efficient results with any detoxification strategy, we suggest working with a qualified Health Care Practitioner. The first step… Read more »

The Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that our bodies rely on for a multitude of metabolic processes. This valuable micronutrient cannot be synthesized within the body, so we must acquire optimal levels through diet and supplementation. Discover why Vitamin C is critical for resilient immunity and overall well-being.  Cardiovascular Support  Vitamin C helps maintain overall heart and… Read more »

Everyday Essentials for Optimal Health

Practicing daily health maintenance is a foundational step for ensuring your wellness goals. Providing your body with essential nutrients and potent nutraceuticals can keep you performing at your best and enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Choosing a diet rich in whole foods, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and including BioPure® high-quality, potent nutraceuticals that contain… Read more »

Investing in Your Health

Discover solutions for overall wellness and start the new year on the right track by investing in your health. We’ve outlined some simple steps for guiding you on your path to optimal health.