Building Immune Resiliency – Weekly Update 07/23/21

Building Immune Resiliency

The body’s immune response is an intricate process that relies on countless systems working in synergy to ensure resiliency against imbalanced microbes. Your immune system’s daily exposure to environmental stressors, toxins, and a myriad of other influences can potentially weaken the immune response, making supportive supplements indispensable for maintaining health. 

Viressence is a Dr. Klinghardt formulated tincture containing nine herbs that synergistically support immune and circulatory health. Good circulation is required for the white blood cells in your immune system to be moved systemically throughout the rest of the body. Viressence tincture harnesses the traditional use of each ingredient to provide broad immune system support, whether you’re targeting a specific issue or simply looking for a daily immune booster.* 

Cistus incanus is a highly favored herb by many practitioners and herbalists. This plant is rich in polyphenolic compounds, supporting differentiation, proliferation, and activation of immune cells and regulatory T-cell generation. Cistus is available as a tincture extract or a loose-leaf tea that can be enjoyed separately or combined for heightened effects. 

Brazilian Green Propolis is an invaluable natural resinous substance created by bees from collected plant resins and used to line their hive walls to keep microbes out. Propolis contains more than 300 beneficial compounds, making it a potent and highly influential ingredient that offers unparalleled immune system benefits and daily oxidative stress support.* Available as a singular extract of Brazilian Green Propolis and as a component of our CockTail and Vital-9 formulas. 

Lipo-C is a bioavailable liquid liposomal formula that delivers 1000mg of vitamin C per serving. Vitamin C assists in producing white blood cells and boosts various other cellular functions involved in both the innate and adaptive immune systems. It also plays an essential role in brain function and maintaining the health of your bones, skin, and blood vessels.* You can read more about the whole-body effects of vitamin C by clicking here. 


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